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Mentoring Testimonial - Mentee

Meet the Mentee

Review of mentees participating in JOB FAIR with KOTRA
Sue Hwang
Carlton One Engagement
UX/UI Designer
Through Kotra's mentorship program, I was able to meet great people, settle down in Vancouver, and especially become a full-time UX UI designer. I couldn’t have achieved all these without the people who are doing their best to support Koreans seeking jobs in Canada. Now I would like to become a great mentor and help newcomers achieve their goals here!
Angela Jang
Digital Product Designer
KOTRA mentorship program was amazing experience for me. All mentors the KOTRA invited were passionate to share their experience and gave valuable feedback
Sohee Kim
UX/UI Designer
The greatest helper in starting my career in Canada was the Kotra mentoring program. I got to learn a lot from a well-versed mentor who has been working for years in the industry I’m in, as well as gain helpful friendships with mentees. If you are planning to build your career abroad, give it a go!